Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There is Sample for myself...I'm Sun sign Scorpio and Gemini in moon sign


The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces a highly versatile and clever personality. You have a flair for people that makes you very popular. You have a keen, if sometimes sarcastic, sense of humor. Sometimes you can sound a bit cynical in expression or be too clever. Your mental capabilities are very significant, as you have the ability to reason on your sensations. You are an exceptionally quick and retentive learner. The depth of Scorpio's intensity and tendency to dig to the bottom of every issue, is challenged by the Gemini desire to always be into something new and different, and this factor seems to generate a great deal of nervous energy or hyperactivity. Thus, you seem to always be engaged in a flurry of activity, constantly moving from one project to the next. You obtain more satisfaction from addressing a wide variety of problems at the same time rather than concentrating your efforts on getting a single project finished right. You thrive on change and you are rarely content or satisfied with current ideas or opinions. In contrast with the inherently fixed, stable and determined character normally found in Scorpio, you are much more flexible and changeable in your mental outlook. There are periods when you are wavering and indecisive, because of your ability to see both sides of a question. You are clever and quick with words and you may achieve success in fields that take advantage of your critical or analytical and investigative skills. Success in not, however, all important to you, as you want to just more or less just slide through life with an attitude of indifference and nonchalance. Nonetheless, brains and personality will usually go far even when the attitude in completely determined.

Friday, November 7, 2008


3根本就是Non Sense。
5No comment.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Part1: Four in once
011108,Tommy and I going Sunway Pyramid to meet Andrew,Varies and Koh.Yeah...we are going for planning to the birthday celebration.We walk through the pyramid without deciding any destination and finally..we stop at Zen.Discussing...beside talking crap there.Yeah...while waiting for Anthony Highwind,we decide to change plan for our birthday celebration.After the comfirmation from Meaningless by phone.Varies and me,which are hosts start inform another two host,Alvin and Jia Hao.Both of them agreed with our decision,which celebrate four birthday in once,at Neway,on 3rd of November.(Alvin and Jiahao birth on 2nd while Varies and me birth on 5th )
Yea...everything is settled.However,seem the story haven't end yet.021108,one night before celebration.I been noticed that there's venue change!Neway becomes to Redbox!But why?Reason they give is majority of them at sunway so found there was difficulty to going back after the celebration at midnight.Okay..Since the reason are acceptable(btw main reason are they're majority..i got no point to reject this..haha)..so the venue change to Redbox.
3th Nov 2008,after class..my classmates going to Redbox to "release their tension".Emm...I am not going(crap...you re going at night..sure you nt joining la...).Fetching by Tommy's classmate,both of us reach Pyramid earlier as I expected.Tommy calling people to hang out first before go in Redbox but sadly...all of them are not prepared yet.Yea..waiting and waiting..we waste the time like this till the evening.Finally Varies and Meaningless comes..We get into Redbox for booking and finally enter the room.Soon..all re coming
Party time...and how terrible/good are their sound..erm...u may listen yourself..XD

Anthony and Koh snack and fruits

and after that...is cake session.Yea..typical secret recipe cake.Four of us blow up the candles and cut the cake.(But I did not eat the cake at all at last..haix..am i birthday boy too?)Later are photo session.Ya,we can see that some people already become Mr.Guan after few glass of beers.XD...Ya..we order few jug of beers..lol!

birthday boys(Jiahao,me,Varies,Alvin) cut cake...erm..those three at behind..haha
High School rocks!XD(Meaningless drunked)
And this celebration end at 12am.Yeah...I wondering how i going study for next day..haha..Part1 end.Part2 going to start!

Part2:Birthday?Family Day?
051108,there was my birthday.Yea..This was my 18th birthday!Start from 12am,I received a lot of Birthday wishes messages..Thanks for guys!XD..okay..since I was finishing celebrate with old friends..now is the time for classmates!After school,my classmates and I going to the Sunway Pyramid(again...sad..lol).Ya...Where should we go for celebration?Let's go Dragon-i!Huh...that's a weird and fresh idea.Since mostly were agreed of that,we went for Dragon-i.Yea...a traditional cantonese restaurant seems not suit for a group of teenagers like us.However,we were going there!Sit on a round table.We surrounded the round table and all of us had same thinking in our mind...It just like a family day feast!Yea...that's weird!However I'm okay of that..they are my senior..haha...Why not?I'm the youngest among them..XD

Nelson and me -shuheng-me-bernice

SW's Fruits Front of Dragon i
yeah...this feast becomes the most deluxe feast among the celebration of birthday in our class that ever happened before(really cost lot!can named it龙门宴!).Yea...finally...the second celebration is end with burning money...happily(Haha...OS:sobb..my wallet)

Part3:F2F...and Teh O ice?
This is a very special part..haha...because it is not count as celebration at all..but is dinner that related to my birthday anyway.XD.
041108,there's my birthday eve,as usual i stayed in library.Yenyin asked Dezhi to ask me whether free or not at night,whether can dinner together.Yes..i agree to join the dinner.There's SAM final examination that time,i was feel happy that she stil take time to ask me dinner together(happy because is free dinner...XD).When reach dinner time,Yenyin ,Dezhi and their friend Kai Chi dinner with me at Face to Face.And there's special because I never dinner in such combination.However,there's a nice dinner..I am sure that is.
Another is on 051108,next day of it...my birthday.After a deluxe feast for lunch i was back to library.Yea...another one promised me to treat me when my birthday!Haha...however at last i just follow Michelle and her friend Candice to D Pastry to eat burger.XD..and just ask her to treat me Teh O ice..haha...how a cheap treat..but is sincere inside there.
And thanks for all guys present ya..=)

Part4:No way!Blue Berry Cheese Cake!