Friday, June 19, 2009


演唱:曾沛慈 演奏:东城卫


娛樂百分百 2009-06-13 pt.4/5 百分百歌唱大賽

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Music corner(转载)

歌手 : 卢学睿
MJ评价 : ★★★☆☆


boring...and scaring two weeks....

AS examination finally finish on 10th June.Is great isn't it?No...I don't think so.It is because end of the AS exam means there's coming of the scaring and boring period.
Scaring and boring?Scaring of the results and boring of the holiday.Yeah...I found my life is so meaningless sometimes..haha..Worrying and escape from reality are main job i done during this holiday.So sad,right?I feel so too.
Anyway,yesterday i was going to my former school,with some friends.Okay...met some ex-classmates that still remain to study Form6 there...and some teachers...include my former form teacher.He asked about what are we doing now on.We answered him.One of his sentences make me suddenly feel my future is miserable.He point to those that taking CAT and said:"你们拿ACCA就还好…"(Good for you these taking ACCA).Then,he pointed to me and Tommy that taking CAL and said:"你们就还在半天吊。"(Both of you is still hanging halfway there.Means still do not have a obvious path.)
This make me think a lot of my future.What should I going to do after CAL?Is it really follow what I want,going for Architecture?Or I gonna to change to other course?Business?Or?I sudden feel i am so lost...
There is a lot of problem......sudden remind me of song of Aaron Ke,"One Day"'s lyric..."Happy Day已经不是Everyday".Ya,for me Holiday is already not Happy day..
Today is 17th June..1 week more to go....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


3rd June 2009...AS examination still going on.3 more papers left.Chemistry paper 1and 2,and Physics Paper1.Seem little but is great challenge for me.Seem I already done badly for previous papers.The paper left cannot help me to merit any marks anymore.Because it is my worst subject__Chemistry.
I never hope to get good result for it.But please,God bless me...Get me a good pass.4more days to study,hope my effort to muck up my Chemistry at home won't be wasted.
Is tiring job,A Levels.Wonder i made a correct choice?It will make me success or fail?However,what I know now is,it make me frustrated.
I'm tiring now.But I still need to study my Organic.....Fine...This is called the life.